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Recent Posts

February 5

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and bandwidth

You have most likely heard of BYOD, or bring your own device. But do you know how it integrates with your network? BYOD not only affects security which is what most people focus on what about the limited or finite amount of bandwidth that your business has? We had a customer recently who was not able to process any transactions on there proprietary business system. After looking at logs from our managed router in this instance we were able to see that over 90% of the business bandwidth was being used at almost all periods of time when they were having issues. We found out that employees while they were on break were using there personal devices on the company WIFI. This was not something done on purpose but they were using too many available resources which caused problems. You need to not only have a policy for security but also for network resource use.

January 19

Password Security tips

Most users our Helpdesk deals with on a daily basis have many passwords to many different applications. This can cause problems for some, and sometimes you want to make your passwords the same. Do not fall into that trap you want to keep passwords unique and follow a couple of easy steps to keep your passwords secure. Do not include words that are in the dictionary. Make sure to use numbers and not just 1234. Include Symbols where you can. Make sure you keep your passwords in a secure location not on your computer!


Windows 10 or no?

Is windows 10 right for me?

As you most likely know Microsoft has released the new version of the Windows operating system. This version is called Windows 10, and it is free to update from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. You do not need a disk to do this update it is distributed digitally and can be done without loosing any files or settings. There is some changes that users need to know about before updating though. We have published a white paper that will tell you if Windows 10 is right for you or you business. Please click below for the white paper.